Thursday, January 6, 2011

Millionaire City by Digital Chocolate

   Millionaire City is another great game in wich you can build your dream city.The graphics are not so great like in the Zynga games but the gameplay is a little more complex in my opinion.The games has over 12 million monthly active users and looks like this:

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mafia Wars by Zynga - Tips and a little bit of strategy

    Because I didn't play this game much time this is all I can say to help  you!
Skill points - you can choose to put your skill points mainly for fighting or you can concentrate on the                      work thing(or of course you can be somewhere in the middle).My strategy was to put
                      my skill points on attack ,defense and stamina but I would also use some points from
                     time to time for doing jobs (indeed not some great ones but at least I could earn some
                      money and XP without any damage )
Protect your money - Try not to have a lot of cash on you , keep them at the bank or invest it in some
Increase your mafia - As I said in the introduction ,if you need crew for your mafia search on google 
                                 to find people who want to be added,or join the zynga forum , and go at the
                                Add Me section.
Energy packs  - I suggest not to use them before level 80-100
Fighting  - When you want to fight someone look at their stats and see how many fights they lost or 
                 won so you will know how good that player is.               

Mafia Wars by Zynga - Introduction

     Mafia Wars in another great game made by Zynga ,and I sure that the people who like MMORPG games will love this one.Mafia Wars it has currently over 19 million players and is one of the best free MMORPG online game.
    The goal of this game is to perform jobs to earn money and buy equipment(guns , cars etc.) and properties.As you advance into the game you will also gain levels and unlock new items which are more powerfull.To perform jobs you will need energy which generates one unit every five minutes like CityVille or Treasure Isle for example.
    As the title of the game says , it's all about fighting.You have 2 choices :you can create your own mafia and ask your players to join or you can join a group.If you choose to make your own mafia try to add as many people you can ,if you don't have many friends who play  this game you can search on the internet for people who left the link to their profile to be added by anyone.
   For the beginning just follow the tutorial when you start the game to get used with the basics, and try to invest your money in properties and buy just the items you need to perform certain jobs.

End of part 1

Saturday, December 25, 2010

CityVille by Zynga - Trains and Franchises

Trains guide:

Are used  to trade resources with your neighbours.When you are running low in goods and you have enough coins you can trade the coins for goods with your neighbours using the train.After you unlocked the train ,click on the train platform and a pop-up named Train Schedule.

CityVille by Zynga - Tips and How to

     Here is a list of tips and how to's to help you playing CityVille:

Gifts - when you receive gift from your neighbours you can find them if you click the gift icon and    
           select  invetory
Decorations - place them near businesses and houses to increase your income
Watch your neighbours - if you are new to the game try to spend some time looking at your     

CityVille by Zynga - Introduction

    CityVille is a recent release of Zynga ,and until today  64 million people   play(ed) this game.
     If you liked the SimCity game series  you will love this game for sure.It has very nice graphics and is very easy to learn ,just follow the tutorial at the beginning of the game.In this game you will have to build houses , businesses ,roads etc. and create a nice big town .
     You should concentrate the most on the energy and goods because if you have these you will have

Friday, December 24, 2010

FarmVille by Zynga - Tips

These tips are based on my own knowledge (I am not an expert),and I know there are just a few but they will help if you are a newbie to the game.

-DON'T plant blueberries which take 4 hours to grow if you aren't going to be back after 5-6 hours because after 4 hours they have matured you can't harvest them anymore.After you plant something the time you have for harvesting (before they turn to trash) after they have matured is equal with the time they need to grow.
-Get as many neighbors as you can to fertilize your land often and send gifts (you can add a lot of them from the farmville page on facebook )
-To gain more XP and coins try to complete the quest (achievements) ,and some of them are quite easy
-DON'T buy at the beginning buildings, concentrate on making coins and XP
-Because is hard to get farm cash , please spend them wisely.
-Help your neighbors to get rewards
-Watch for Super Berries in the market ,they are available only one or two days and give you 100coins if you sell them and you can harvest them after only 2 hours

That is all for now about FarmVille , I will update them after I can figure out more tips :)