Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mafia Wars by Zynga - Introduction

     Mafia Wars in another great game made by Zynga ,and I sure that the people who like MMORPG games will love this one.Mafia Wars it has currently over 19 million players and is one of the best free MMORPG online game.
    The goal of this game is to perform jobs to earn money and buy equipment(guns , cars etc.) and properties.As you advance into the game you will also gain levels and unlock new items which are more powerfull.To perform jobs you will need energy which generates one unit every five minutes like CityVille or Treasure Isle for example.
    As the title of the game says , it's all about fighting.You have 2 choices :you can create your own mafia and ask your players to join or you can join a group.If you choose to make your own mafia try to add as many people you can ,if you don't have many friends who play  this game you can search on the internet for people who left the link to their profile to be added by anyone.
   For the beginning just follow the tutorial when you start the game to get used with the basics, and try to invest your money in properties and buy just the items you need to perform certain jobs.

End of part 1


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  2. that is great game and it will be enjoy full to play.
    i would like to share this game with my friends.
    they would like to play with me.

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