Thursday, January 6, 2011

Millionaire City by Digital Chocolate

   Millionaire City is another great game in wich you can build your dream city.The graphics are not so great like in the Zynga games but the gameplay is a little more complex in my opinion.The games has over 12 million monthly active users and looks like this:

     The currency in this game is called millionare dollars ,and you can earn them by building houses and renting them,or building businesses. When you build a building you can either wait for a period of time to be constructed or click on it and instant build it but it will cost you additional  money.     At the beginning you will have some easy quests to colmplete if you want to earn some extra money quick.As you advance through the game the quests will be harder to complete but the rewards will be bigger.
Like CityVille you can place decorations near buildings to add a bonus to your rent and you must buy expansions to make your city bigger .
     In this game to build a house or a business you will need to buy plots first.To know how many plots you will need just hover the pointer on a building in the shop menu .
     Houses - In CityVille for example when you buy a house you look first at the population and time needed until you can collect your rent, but here dependig on  your experience and the type of house you can choose between different contracts, which have different revenue and duration and I think this is a great thing because if you need to go in a vacation or something, there will be no trouble.
     Here is a rent houses guide posted on the official forum by T.barqawi

 There is also a grace period for collecting the rent : you have to collect the rent in 2 hours ,you will have 2 hours grace period ,for 3 hours you will have the grace period 3 hours and so on (except for the 3 min and 30 min where you will have an 1 hour grace period).

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