Saturday, December 25, 2010

CityVille by Zynga - Introduction

    CityVille is a recent release of Zynga ,and until today  64 million people   play(ed) this game.
     If you liked the SimCity game series  you will love this game for sure.It has very nice graphics and is very easy to learn ,just follow the tutorial at the beginning of the game.In this game you will have to build houses , businesses ,roads etc. and create a nice big town .
     You should concentrate the most on the energy and goods because if you have these you will have coins to build your town.The energy is used to collect your coins (from rent ,businesses) and the goods are used to supply your businesses .

                                     energy bar                           goods bar

    To earn goods you must first build some plots where you can plant some plants and then harvest them.To do so go to build menu in your bottom right corner of the screen , click on farming and choose farm plot and after that in the same menu choose something to plant.

    When you build building try to choose the ones that need more time to collect the coins because you don't want to loose 1 energy for 10 coins.
     When you build decorations try to put them near houses or businesses to increase your income.Also at the beginning try to get as many neighbours as you can to help you with your quests and try not to spend the money to hire staff on your city hall or post office when you can ask your neighbours help.You can also help them by collecting rent and other activities and earn bonuses .

End of part 1

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